Somebody decided to take their frustrations with this world out on a lonely phone booth outside of the metro station today.

I was wary of this gentleman, but figured he must have good reasons for the attack, even if they are only inside his own mind.

More, though, I was taken aback at the existence of this phone booth.

I should clarify that “booth” is too strong a word to describe this particular structure. It is one of those leftover stands that is shaped like a telephone handset, set about four feet off the ground.

The fellow with the beef against the vague notion of AT&T as utility wasn’t taking on the kind of glass walled structure that Superman would take refuge in.

But, it was clearly a still-intact, perhaps even functional, telephone booth. I mean, I think you could make actual phone calls from this thing, if you were willing to let the dude slamming the handset against the box calm down.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Downtown Los Angeles has many old things (though not ancient… We aren’t talking about a walk around Rome here) hanging around.

Maybe if I looked a little closer, I would see a plaque explaining to future generations in cast iron what a telephone booth was and how they used to be ubiquitous.

Alas, I was late for my train and needed to check the schedule on my iPhone.

Photo credit: rodinis via / CC BY-NC

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