I want you to develop a strategy, but first you need some goals.

To determine goals, you should set an overall objective.

Socializing your objective to get everybody on board will require defining a vision not just for the project, but the company overall.

Now, a narrow vision might leave key stakeholders feeling neglected, so it’s a good idea to articulate a mission statement that has broad buy in.

Don’t give any work to Bob.

Dream big, but make sure you have attainable milestones.

Key performance indicators are important to show progress and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Remember to bring pastries to the kick off meeting.

Don’t let Bob eat any, though.

Make sure to indicate who is responsible for each deliverable, so the whole team is invested in the success of this project.

Be sure to differentiate between tactics and strategies, and remember that it all has to ladder up to the umbrella campaign.

Seriously, Bob is terrible. He will torpedo this whole thing if you rely on him.

Keep me in the loop on any roadblocks you run into and I’ll see if I can run interference with the appropriate managers.

Track everything on a status report so you can report on your efforts and get credit for managing this when performance appraisals are due.

That’s how Bob got his promotion.

Photo credit: Hawk Wind via / CC BY-NC

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