I was “that guy” on the Subway today.

Basically, I lost track of time trying to figure out how to set conditional formatting in a Google spreadsheet (don’t ask), and it was suddenly fifteen minutes after the time I usually leave to catch my train home.

Now, I usually give myself 35 minutes to catch the train, and it generally takes me 25 to get there. So, the math on those lost 15 minutes is not in my favor.

Of course, I usually take a leisurely pace on my way out the door. Ride the escalators down. Let old ladies through the door before me. Look up at the skyline and appreciate what man has created in this desert. You know, normal stuff.

Not today.

I was skipping steps like I tell my daughter not to. I was weaving in and out of pedestrians like I had the ball in my hand and Deon Sanders was chasing me.

I ran UP the stairs when I got to the station.

I am now making the nice lady sitting across from me on the train a little nervous as I gasp for air and try in vain to bend over far enough to tie my shoes.

My cardio deficiency is a little embarrassing.

But, I made it.

Photo credit: Eva the Weaver via / CC BY-NC-SA

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