Now that SNL has gone on summer hiatus, I guess you’ll have to rely on me for your weekend update-type news hits.

There are several scandal-type things happening in Washington, but the one most Republicans seem to be trying extra hard to make stick is the IRS profiling of Tea Party groups looking for tax-exempt status. It’s been hashed over fairly well by now, but I would like to make one point: do you really want the leader of the free world to be keenly aware of what some low-level IRS employees are doing to cut corners in Cincinnati?
Meanwhile, the big tech news was Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion. There are a few thoughts that come to mind, the first of which is… wait? Yahoo has a billion dollars? Why the hell can’t everybody work from home, then?
Does Marissa Mayer know what kind of slacker she’s just started working with? David Karp dropped out of high school, then created Tumblr, which he just sold for a billion dollars more than I’m sure his guidance counselor though he’d make. 
It really just proves that staying in school is for losers. Merging with Yahoo plus playing the Lottery proves that there are two more viable options for success if you suck at basketball. 
Elsewhere, in New York, a detective said that surveillance of Muslims was narrowly targeted on a few individuals, but of course a little bit of digging by the AP showed that it was actually a wide ranging effort. For their part, Muslims say they’re glad that at least it wasn’t IRS. 
Finally, in sports, the PGA tour has made a controversial decision to outlaw the practice known as “belly putting.” While only a small percentage of players actually use the technique, four of the last six major championships were won by players using an anchored stroke. As for other rules, the PGA will still allow only one black person on the tour at a time.
Have a great weekend!
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