Been a busy week in the real world, so no headlines today. Will try to pick up with our regularly scheduled programming next week.

There is one story that caught my eye early in the week.

Apparently, a judge in Russia fell asleep during a fraud trial and was subsequently fired from his post.

Now, while I will admit to being occasionally bored at work, I have yet to actually zonk out during any meeting or presentation. I may have taken a few early morning conference calls in my boxer shorts (never work with an East-coast client when you live in California), but I was always awake and reasonably coherent when it came time to chime in with an “uh-huh” or “that’s great!”

The part that really floors me in this Russian judge story though is near the end, when it’s revealed that all he has to do to get his job back is take an exam. While it’s true he will probably have to stay awake during the test, I’m pretty sure that’s a low level of effort to get what must be a pretty posh job back.

You know, I took a sample LSAT once, when I was single and had four hours to kill on a Saturday because the cable was out. I learned a lot about myself that day.

  1. I really need a hobby.
  2. I am not as smart as I think.
  3. I am smart enough to get into a law school. (not any law school, mind you, but definitely one of those that advertises on the parking shuttles at the airport)
So, really, I’m just wondering now… how hard is it to learn Russian?
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