Who doesn’t love some news updates on Flag Day?

An AP report delved into Al Quaida documents and discovered that they have a lot of the same mundane office tasks us non-terrorists deal with, including filing expense reports. Only, instead of making strip clubs sound like steakhouses, they make pork loins sound like plastic explosives.

The American Psychiatric Association has determined that caffeine withdrawal is a legitimate mental disorder. So, the next time you see a postal worker asleep at his desk. Leave him be.

In tech news, Facebook announced that it will begin including linkable hashtags in posts. In order to differentiate from Twitter, Facebook will call it the pound sign. This will also make my euro-hating grandma happy.

Finally, in personal news, I was reminded to sign up for my fantasy football league last week. I just realized the hockey playoffs were happening, and they’re almost over. I have no ability to focus on a sport that won’t even break training camp for another two months. I’ll stick with baseball now.

Have a great weekend!

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