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Three Years

By H.G. Miller

A funny thing happened in February. The anniversary of this little website passed by and I failed to mark the occasion. It wasnít until the month was almost over before I even realized it.

Itís been three years now.

For three years, Iíve been putting up posts twice a month, and while Iím nearing a point of more missed deadlines than made ones, Iím still getting text onto the web at a pace I wasnít sure of when I first started this thing.

A moment to rememberÖ this whole thing started out as a single blue page. It had my picture at the top and linked to a story about cheese. I was crammed into a bedroom the size of a small prison cell, with bars on the windows and the occasional bullet flying by. Helicopters shone spotlights into the living room on a weekly basis, and I was trying to sleep on a futon designed by sadists for sadists.

Six months earlier, my life had fallen apart after my one shot with a Hollywood agent had ended in failure, disappointment and scattershot blame. Iíd lost my first friend, my apartment, and all communication with my ex-girlfriend on the wrong coast.

I had stopped writing.

I started this website as a way to get back in the habit of writing. I figured that if I forced myself to hack out something twice a month, then it would help unleash a flow of creative energy so massive that the world would have no choice but drown in my genius.

Well, like I said, itís been three years.

I have written. Iíve finished scripts. Iím in Project Green Light. Iím taking the necessary steps to become a copywriter, so that I can put some of this creative energy into a day job that wonít make me want to slit my wrists.

I can look out the window of my kick-ass apartment and see palm trees, the Century City skyline and an occasionally smog-free moon.

It hasnít always been easy, and it hasnít always been fun, but I have kept writing. I keep fighting to keep my brain creative, despite the best efforts of corporate working.

I thank all who visit this site on a regular basis. Iím working diligently behind the scenes to redesign the site, and I have a few ideas of how to keep the creativity rolling. The Rock isnít dead yet, I promise.

So, keep on coming by and check out year four.