General Links Page

Useful - Here you can download the Arachnophilia program for free, and then begin the painful process of learning how to use HTML to show the world how creative you really are.

The HTML Survival Kit - Old Dominion has taken some of the pain out of learning HTML. Thank them. I mean it: Bow on your knees and worship at their feet.

Omnis Network - This is who I use to host my website. There are many others. They all rip you off in different ways. Please shop around.

Matt Hentges' Music - The driving force behind The Fifth Wheel rolls on.

The Drawing Board - The Other Half lives on as this new Austin band. I think one or two of these guys still owe me money.

Fox in Fifteen - All news is repetition.

My Exhale Book - Random thoughts from a friend of mine.

Sarah Rosa's Portfolio - Art and graphic design.

The Nosebleed Section - Kevin Devine's website. Movie reviews and random rants.

Nero Played On - "Life evolves. Kansas doesn't."

Stacie Burrows - Stacie is a comedian in Los Angeles whose "Hellholes" short is a must-watch for anybody who's ever had the pleasure of living in a slum-lord-controlled abode.


Bibliomania - "Bibliomania has thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays all of which are absolutely free." I'm a geek. I'll admit it.

Drew's Script-O-Rama - One of the better script sites out there.

Everything2 - "Welcome to Everything." Yeah, that about covers it.

Baseball Prospectus - For when you need to win every argument about the game.