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Another August brings same old routine, pains

By H.G Miller

H.G. MillerOnce again, the summer draws to a close and forces us to participate in the endless cycle of life. It seems to me that this month gets more and more redundant. It´s as if each August is just like the last, just a repetition, a cycle... ahem.

Yes, it´s been another one of those Augusts we all love so much.

As usual, the month begins with five friends that I forgot I had calling up and touting my ability to “lift stuff.” Apparently, if you don´t personally change residences, you become obligated to share the moving experience with others.

So, I spent the first few days in August injuring various muscles in my body that have been dormant since the last time I moved couches, televisions and halogen lamps. My last bits of will power and common sense broken, somebody always makes the statement, “It´s only like a ten-minute drive, and most of the futon is in the back of the hatchback. You just hold it, okay?”


Rather than sit back and enjoy the exhaustion, I end up surveying my own living habitat and realize that the good summer cleaning I was going to give it never quite happened. You know, things come up - work, sleep, the revelation that my mother won´t be coming by to do a dust check until at least October.

However, rather than rely on fond recollections of what color my carpet is, I decide to participate in the August ritual of cleaning my apartment.

Now, some would relate the cleaning of their abodes to a spiritual experience - a renewal of interest in your personal space, a cleansing of sorts, a time to organize the most basic aspects of your life before school starts.

I´ve found that cleaning my apartment compares more favorably to an archeological dig.

Among the debris are several dead roaches, about a thousand nickels and pennies and a few overdue bills that would probably explain the lack of hot water recently.

Hey, there is that geography book I meant to sell back two years ago. Looks as if I forgot to water the plant again. And there´s the number of that girl I was supposed to call back in March. Oops.

Like the other months, August has it´s share of bills, but it seems to me that it manages to pop in some extra expenditures. A mere week and a half into the month brings about the deadline for payment on this semester´s learning opportunity, and the need to check my financial status becomes apparent.

That summer trip that seemed so cheap at the time suddenly manifests itself on my credit card statement, where it will soon be joined by the reading selections of my professors. Hey, debt loves company, and besides, who knew that there would be so much required reading about Japan?

Parking permits, new shoes, and everybody needs a blender. Yes, August means adding to the phone bill by calling Mom and Dad and explaining the importance of a costly education.

Still, the month moves on.

As we reach week three, August continues to drudge up the same nasty changes in routine it always does.

Granted, having my first class at noon wouldn´t normally qualify as stress, but now I´ve got to get up in the morning. And I truly believe that a good breakfast can´t be served any time before two in the afternoon.

With classes comes the need to shave regularly, and somebody will notice if I wear the same shirt for a week straight. The same insecurities about college return. Can I handle my class load? Will I have time to hit all the bars this semester? Is she looking at me or my fancy Tweety-bird pen?

Of course, subtle little differences around the campus become apparent when the actual attending of classes takes place. The freshmen seem smaller, a few new flowers dot the landscape, and my favorite dirt path has been replaced with one of those “convenient” paved sidewalks.

Yes, August came back again, and now it´s almost over. It brought back a boring routine and more endless debt while taking away my peaceful summer days of idle rest and simplistic reflection.

In return?

At least there´s more traffic.

Miller is a senior from Hutchinson majoring in English.

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